Deep Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

Deep Cleaning

Your baseboards and bathroom tiles have changed from sparkling white to brown. And your bathroom vanity is probably a playground for microorganisms.

Smudges, nicotine stains, and handprints on the living room wall look like bad art. And your kitchen sink and appliances are probably screaming for help.

We understand.

After all, it’s already a challenge combining family life with work, socializing with friends, gyming, and other activities. How much more throwing deep cleaning in the mix.

But you don’t have to get on the floor and do those cleaning, hand-washing, scrubbing, and sanitizing.

It’s why William Cleaning Inc. exists. To get down, do the dirty work, and make sure your home or office is spick and span, without a speck of dirt.

Now, go on outings with the family! Spend more time with friends! Go out there, work hard and enjoy yourself! And come back to a home looking and smelling clean!

Trusted Deep Cleaning Schenectady NY

For years, William Cleaning Inc. has been providing professional services for homes and businesses in and around Schenectady, New York. We get to the hard-to-reach areas of your property – sections most other cleaning providers ignore, enabling us offer the same deep cleaning service loved by the local community.

All our cleaners are experienced, trusted, and have passed background checks before hiring them, ensuring they do only one thing when they visit your home or office – deep clean. They treat your personal space with the care and respect we accord all our clients.
Cleaning a messy home can take a lot of days for the untrained hands. But with our team doing the job, we’ll get it done within hours.

Our deep cleaning service is also satisfaction guaranteed. This means that we make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the cleaning or we come back again. It rarely happens, though, as we clean thoroughly the first time.

Professional cleaning service

Deep Cleaning – Not Just in Words

For most, deep cleaning is simply basic cleaning with better equipment. No, deep cleaning goes beyond basic cleaning. It involves cleaning the easy-to-overlook places.

An example of such an area is your wall. It’s often stained with hand smudges and coffee stains. We pay attention to it. The kitchen sinks are thoroughly scrubbed. The refrigerator, oven, and other appliances are cleaned inside and out. We also empty the trash and clean the countertops.

We don’t leave the bathroom out, scrubbing, cleaning, and sanitizing the sink, vanities, floors, windows, and other hard-to-reach places.

From cleaning and deodorizing your carpet in the living area to cleaning your bedroom’s window sill, nothing is left untouched.

Bathroom cleaning service

Welcome to Your Squeaky Clean Home!

Now your home is squeaky clean – a real comfort zone. It’s more organized and clutter-free.

The baseboards and tiles are as white as when they were installed. And your bathroom is contaminant-free. Even your ever-discerning friend nods in surprising approval.

That’s what you get when you use our deep cleaning services at William Cleaning Inc.

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