Special Packages

Basic Cleaning

Removal of trash, light dusting, vacuum floors, mop tile and other hardwood surfaces, clean restrooms, replace hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper as needed. We also deal with cleaning offices, conference rooms and employee break rooms. We help to keep areas clean, disinfected and sanitized. Please inquire for more information.

Professional cleaning service

Deep Cleaning

Deep clean baseboards, heating and ceiling vents, clean walls, tile and grout, shampoo carpets, strip & wax. We cover areas that are not conventionally covered by regular cleaning. For instance, we clean:

  • Behind kitchen appliances, such as oven and washing machine
  • Inside the oven and its door glass
  • Beneath the sink
  • Remove scale from tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, tiles, shower, taps, etc.
  • Patio doors and window frames
  • All blinds
  • Deep and full dusting in every corner of the room against dust and cobwebs
Tile and grout cleaning in Schenectady, NY

Cleaning And Disinfecting

Disinfect and clean all frequent exposure areas with EPA-approved products, such as UV light wand sanitizing and nano-septic self-cleaning adhesives. For more information regarding our nanoseptic surface solutions, such as our nanoseptic tape and self-cleaning elevator buttons, contact our team today.

Nowadays, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are becoming a menace in homes and businesses across the nation. Unfortunately, ordinary cleaning can do little to kill these pathogenic organisms. Thus, it has become crucial that you take advantage of proper cleaning and disinfecting service and do your part as a loyal citizen of our great country to curtail the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

With our service, you, your employees, and potential clients can have complete rest of mind knowing that your facility has been properly cleaned and disinfected. As cleaning experts, we work closely with you to determine and develop the best schedule to clean and disinfect all touchpoints and critical areas. Whether you’ve been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens or simply want to take a precautionary measure, we’ll provide the service designed for you.

Providing Professional Cleaning & Disinfecting Services in Schenectady, NY

Williams Commercial Cleaning Service Inc.’s range of cleaning and disinfecting packages has been designed to meet the needs of businesses during this time. Our services ensure that all surfaces, offices, floors, and other areas are clean and free from pathogens at all times.

At WCCS Inc., we take pride in making sure our community is safe and clean during the COVID-19 pandemic and at all times. With us as your cleaning and disinfecting service provider in and around Schenectady, NY, you can earn and build trust between your business and members of the community by showing that you care about their well-being.

Why Choose Us?

  • We work with you to design a customized plan that works for your facility.
  • Our hospital-grade disinfectants are on the CDC and EPA approval list, ensuring disinfectants do not cause more harm than good.
  • We properly clean and disinfect infected materials, properly disposing of those that cannot be disinfected as biohazard waste.
  • Our employees are highly-trained to pay detailed attention to the cleaning and disinfection of your facility using standard methods.
  • We adhere to regulations and make sure our technicians all wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), gloves, and respirator masks to curtail the spread of infections.
  • We adhere to the CDC’s guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting.
Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

Recommended Industries

We serve a wide range of facilities across various industries, ensuring their employees and clients are protected from pathogenic organisms at all times.

  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Health facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Theaters
  • Hotels
  • Municipal offices
  • Libraries
  • Gyms
  • Schools and educational centers
  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities
Disinfecting spray

Whether you need medical cleaning or retail cleaning, we’ll customize a cleaning plan that meets your needs, keeping it clean, disinfected, and safe for everyone! Contact us today to know how we can protect your facility.

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